Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Summer Work

So I learned animation for the first time over the summer and this is my very first animation test, no bouncing ball just straight into a walk cycle . I know there are things that are wrong with it...

Thanks Amanda : )


  1. The right leg tends to slip towards us after it lands on the ground. Nice overlap on the hands and arms... The feather and the tail need some work. Nice job though!

  2. I agree with the bit about the overlap. Needs some slow-in/out for those hand movements so that it feels more natural. Cool character and great walk, though! Keep it up!

  3. The arm further away seems to click which you most likely already know. that hats feather is a bit too rigid.

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  5. the arms have no easy in and ease out maybe try spacing out a bit more.

    so what I see is

    up swing seems kinda has the same amount of spacing all the way through it

    and your down arm swim drags too much.

    I did try to write out how I think the keys should look, but of course the site formats everything to look weird.

    On the up favour the highest point of the swing a bit more for ease

    and on the down favour the last key a bit more. the mid should pass somewhat quickly for both pos

  6. You did that in an internship? I've gone through tumblr and through your blog and I think you will be wonderful at whatever you do. You've really inspired me, so thank you.