Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Phantom Tollbooth

I was reflecting back on my elementry school days and one thing that stood out was having had read "The Phantom Tollbooth" in sixth grade.  I always loved the illustrations in that book and I thought, well why not have a go at my own interpretation of the designs based from the book descriptions.  I think it will be fun practice! Watching this vid reminded me of how fun the story was and still is!

Definately re-reading this one!


  1. I am so excited and can't wait to see what you make! It's been one of my favorite books since grade school, too.
    Your work is fantastic, so it's sure to be amazing.

  2. great line work.. Your stuff is really unique..

  3. Sup Just thought I'd let you know about this facebook page I'm running called Key Animation Basically it's a page where I post up or others can post up links to key animations, storyboards, animation tutorials, etc. I figured would be nice to have a single location for all the stuff we all love. Check it out if you get time.