Monday, October 24, 2011


Watched "Rio" yesterday for the first time and I was inspired to draw one of my favorite birds.
I aslo listened to this song on reapeat while I drew it. So peaceful.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kid Designs


Somebody asked me recently what type of music do I listen to when I draw and here are a few I thought I might share that get me excited. 

If I'm searching for ideas I tend to listen to Joe Hisaishi, he is a composer for most of Hayo Miyazaki's films.
This first one by Hisaishi was used in the scene where Ponyo's sisters help her break free from her bubble.  Hisaishi really captured that moment of irrepressible freedom, because I'm pretty sure thats what Ponyo felt when she was freed in order to find Sosuke.

When Spirited Away first came out in the theatres my mom dragged me to go see the movie because she thought it looked "interesting" and I thought it looked stupid. I was hesitant at first and didn't know what to expect, but I was in for a suprise! This movie was beautiful in all aspects.  I beleive I have watched this movie over twenty the point where I have memorized the script...but I digress. The scene were Chihiro rides on the train is my favorite scene in the film.  Chihiro is going through an inner struggle, her parents are pigs and she is traveling to return an item to the owner that just tried to kill her friend.  She is filled with uncertainty and she is lost in thought.  The song expresses those feelings she has and it makes me ponder about whatever is going on in my life as well.  It's so....peaceful... but I wish youtube had the orchestra version of this song instead of the piano solo :(

Some others from Spirited Away and Ghibli films...

Heres a link to more
(because blogger is acting wierd)
From the Cat Returns:

From Kiki's Delivery Service:

101 Dalmations is my favorite Disney film, its so stylized and perfect! My favorite scene in the film is the opening scene where Pongo contemplates his "pet's" love life.  The song below is the one played in the opening scene, its by George Bruns who orchestrated most of the early Disney films.

More Disney Classics:

Alan Menken is known for scoring a majority of The Disney Renaissance.  I love all of his songs, but what stands out for me is his work in Pochantus.  The final song "Farewell" is the played in the parting/ending scene of the film.  There is no dialogue in the final scene, but you can feel the seperation that Pochantus felt because she knows that she might not see John Smith again.  Its like saying goodbye to your first love and going your seperate ways, all the emotions pile up and your left with a gut wrenching feeling.  At the same though, your looking towards the future, or looking just around the riverbend...

I also love Part of your World.  Its a heartthrob song because Ariel sings about what she longs most for in her life. She wants to be on the suface but she is held back, not only by her strict father but by her physical structure.  The thing she wants most is untouchable, its like being with the one you love but the closest you could ever get to them is an arms length away, you could only see them from affar.  Ariel sees the reality of her situation but is still fully set on the notion that she can someday be on land.  I can see why Glen Keane was so attracted to Ariel's personality, its because she believes with all her heart that the impossible is possible!

Another by Menken from The Lion King

When I'm in the moment I like to listen to "Flight of Imagination" or "The Swashbuckler and the Fair Maiden" by Future World Music.  You may have heard the first one in the first Princess and the Frog Trailer.

Leonard Berstein is an amazing composer, I saw West Side Story for the fist time about a month ago and I can't get his tunes out of my head.  The film was perfect in all aspects and I later found out it had won an oscar for best picture...

Also listen to Mambo which starts at the first minute.  Someday I will draw a picture based off of that track.

Lastly there's Rhapsody In Blue.  When I was little something always drew me to this piece of music. Not only the music but the visuals as well. As I grew older I found out that the art direction was based on Al Hirschfeld's style.  He is one of my biggest influences in terms of my style.  He always captured the essence of whoever he drew and would make the most simple statement possible. That is what I try to strive for in my artistic journey.  "Simple. Clear. Positive."

Saturday, October 15, 2011


My version of Milo from "The Phantom Tollbooth." More designs from the book are still to come!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Phantom Tollbooth

I was reflecting back on my elementry school days and one thing that stood out was having had read "The Phantom Tollbooth" in sixth grade.  I always loved the illustrations in that book and I thought, well why not have a go at my own interpretation of the designs based from the book descriptions.  I think it will be fun practice! Watching this vid reminded me of how fun the story was and still is!

Definately re-reading this one!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tiger Designs

I love the designs in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and the reason why is because Milt Kahl was all over that film.  As a fun excersize I decided to draw a Tiger that could have been in the soccer game :)  I think i might do the same for other animals that I like.