Friday, August 5, 2011

Start of an Adventure!

So my awesome friend Erin Kavanagh said that I should create a blog.  So I took her advice and now I'm going to enjoy the blogging world!  I'll be posting on here from now on and I hope you will enjoy!

Today I just finished my internship at Disney Animation Studios and I had the greatest experience! I got to see my animation idols walk the halls and meet so many talented artists!  My mentors were Bruce Smith and Shiyoon Kim and they always were there to give me insight on whatever questions I would throw at them.  I learned so much my brain might explode! Thanks Disney!!  Also I thank my fellow interns as well, they made it all worth while, such an incredibly talented group I wish you all the best!

I plan on posting art that inspires me and some the things I will be working on!
It's a new year and I look forward to learning new things everyday! In the meantime I plan on working on developing a short story (....that hopefully entertains) so that I can step outside of my comfort zone..... If not I'll just post up a bunch of character designs and try out a little animation here and there.


  1. I'm so excited for your blog to get started!! Your talent and passion inspire me. :)

  2. I'm looking forward to the stuff you post as well. :)

    I was just recently introduced to your Tublr, and it's awesome that you're starting to blog. The fraction of your art that I've seen is awesome and your passion is inspirational.

    Good luck and happy blogging! :D

  3. Yay! Excited that you're on here now it's a lot easier to keep up with than sifting through tumblr. :) I look forward to seeing lots of awesome stuff!

  4. Welcome, man!
    I'm looking forward to the stuff you post as well
    Your talent and passion inspire me
    I love your awsome artwork here

  5. 16 and interning at disney!!! what a dude. i cant wait to see what you cook up on here! welcome.

  6. Yes! You got Blogger awesome! Can't wait to see what you put up on here =D

  7. Good to see you on blogger!