Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chicken Man!

Because his head shape reminds me of a chicken haha!  I struggled with this one for some reason, I had to start over four times until I achieved what I wanted. 

Try not to settle for less, if you feel that the drawing is lacking something or it can be pushed a little more then I suggest to start on a brand new sheet of paper.  Thats why its important to create thumbnails before you start. Your able to see the big picture before you run into any problems and it's also a tool for exploration.  Milt Kahl, one of my favorite animators used plenty of thumbnails before he acheived what he was after.  He wouldn't just change the placement of a specific body part, but rather he would change the pose entirely in order to find the pose that read  clearly enough.  Which meant that the pose's silhouette would have to be just as recognizable as the emotion that is trying to be portrayed.  You can see Milt's thumbnail's in detail here.

So search, search, search and draw, draw, draw! It gets frustrating at times but you just have to keep pluggin' until you acheive what your initially after. But the process should be fun!

Fun Definition:
  • A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
Used in a sentence:
  • "Are you having fun when you draw?" asked Billy

Friday, August 5, 2011

Start of an Adventure!

So my awesome friend Erin Kavanagh said that I should create a blog.  So I took her advice and now I'm going to enjoy the blogging world!  I'll be posting on here from now on and I hope you will enjoy!

Today I just finished my internship at Disney Animation Studios and I had the greatest experience! I got to see my animation idols walk the halls and meet so many talented artists!  My mentors were Bruce Smith and Shiyoon Kim and they always were there to give me insight on whatever questions I would throw at them.  I learned so much my brain might explode! Thanks Disney!!  Also I thank my fellow interns as well, they made it all worth while, such an incredibly talented group I wish you all the best!

I plan on posting art that inspires me and some the things I will be working on!
It's a new year and I look forward to learning new things everyday! In the meantime I plan on working on developing a short story (....that hopefully entertains) so that I can step outside of my comfort zone..... If not I'll just post up a bunch of character designs and try out a little animation here and there.