Friday, May 1, 2015

God in Gethsemane

God in Gethsemane.

your aching spirit clothed in flesh,
your burning heart in mine. 
of all the other gods out there…
not one is like you. 
A god who doesn’t sit on high on olympus,
a god who doesn’t have many arms to be self sufficient.
A god who doesn’t have a permanent smile on his face.
but when I see the cross
I see a man
a man dying
claiming to be God himself. 
claiming to be the only truth.
why would you stoop so low?
you did not see your holiness and name to be something to be held onto, but to be given away.
your very life to be given to death for my sake. 

who is like you

take me to the graveyard, and show me how you conquered it. I want to believe the impossible is possible. draw me into the field of your heart.
you truly are the most relatable god of them all.
invisible though you may be, yet still, I will believe.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Windsor Poster

A poster for my back burner project, with a little Korean.

based off of my neighborhood in Los Angeles.

David alone in a field.

based on my times with God.

"Father, where are you?

Why are you so far away from me?"